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Watlington Primary School

Primary School

Outdoor Learning Zone 2017

Outdoor Learning Zone  
Built in 2017, the school is fortunate to have within its grounds an outdoor learning classroom. Built with the children in mind, the area is divided up for exploring and for areas of the curriculum.   
Built into zones, one corner sports a seating area and moveable storytelling chair. This has enough space for a class to be read a story or for the chair to be moved and a space for a performance area is created which supports our Talk4Writing and English curriculum.  
Moving into another corner, there is an outdoor musical area where children can explore sound in a variety of permanently placed instruments.   
Children can then move around each zone on an artificial grass pathway, allowing the classroom to be used throughout the year.  
Tepees and a pavilion are placed near the side of the area which can be used for shade when drawing or taking notes from an activity and finally one area is to be designated a STEM learning zone with a weather station and large mathematical equipment.   
The governors are proud that they have given the children this facility and the opportunity to explore and learn the curriculum other than in a traditional classroom.