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Watlington Primary School

Primary School


As part of our topic on dragons, we visited Norwich castle to go dicing with dragons! During our visit, we met a Viking called Olaf who desperately wanted to be a hero, so needed an exciting dragon tale to tell all his friends. With Olaf, we explored Viking artefacts, discovered beautiful beasts, visited the
Cressida Cowell ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ exhibition and enjoyed story telling around the camp fire. Our school trip inspired us to write so much, that when we got back to school, we all wrote our own deadly dragon tale! To make sure our tales were convincing, we included all the linguistic devices we
learnt about like similes, onomatopoeia and expanded noun phrases.
I wonder, have you ever slayed a dragon?
I know we have!
Please click on the green Dragons again to see the pictures of our fantastic day.