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Watlington Primary School

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Faith In Action

Faith in action.

On Wednesday 12th October 2016 we welcomed a visitor into school, Mrs Cooper, who together with Mrs Simmons  led a day about The Salvation Army.  
The day started with a whole school assembly where we found out that The Salvation Army is first a Christian Church and second a Charity.  
Each class then worked with Mrs Simmons and Mrs Cooper to find out more about how The Salvation Army put their faith into action by helping those in need around the world.  
Acorn, Apple and Rowan class learnt about helping hands, how we can use our hands for good.  They put together a food parcel for a family for a day making sure that they packed a balanced diet as well as a treat.  They also had the opportunity to dress up trying on Salvation Army uniforms and had a go at playing a timbrel (tambourine).  
Poplar and Beech Class learnt about homelessness.  They participated in five small workshops: Dressing up, Timbrels,, making up food parcels, building shelters and finding out how and why people become homeless and how they are helped and supported.  
In the afternoon Willow and Oak Classes started the afternoon by sorting things into what they thought The Salvation Army did and did 
not do.  They were very surprised to find out the wide range of social work that they were involved in.  This session kept being interrupted by a ragged looking lady – a refugee (Mrs Cooper). The children then split into four groups learning about what life is like for refugees, building shelters and thinking about what the needs are instead of just the wants when preparing support packages, they researched the international disaster relief work carried out around the world by The Salvation Army and discussed how the uniform was recognised and allowed The Salvation Army into difficult situations to help people in need.  They also enjoyed trying on uniforms and learning how to play a timbrel.  
The children displayed very positive learning behaviours, asked appropriate and sensitive questions throughout the day.  
As part of their Harvest Celebrations the children are going to support the work of The Salvation Army by donating items of food that will be used to make up food parcels.